The 0317X hybrids are packed with innovation; engineered to deliver distance and accuracy with fine-tuning options to complement your swing. We didn’t give them a fancy name because PXG says it all.


Constructed with the highest quality materials—including a carbon fiber crown, honeycomb TPE insert, weight-forward design and Precision Weighting System –0317X hybrids leverage industry leading technology to deliver maximum distance and forgiveness.

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Your new go-to club. The low spin, 0317X hybrid goes the distance and offers an unmatched sound and feel.


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Customize your performance

Hybrid precision weighting system

For maximum distance and forgiveness

The PXG 0317X has seven weight ports. Platinum colored weights made of high-density tungsten (2.5g) and black weights made of low-density titanium (.5g) provide a significant amount of moveable mass that can be easily adjusted to influence spin and bias.

Hybrid weights with fade bias

Fade Bias

This weight distribution positions the mass toward the toe of the club head and has the effect of producing a more fade-biased shot of approximately 3-5 yards.

Hybrid weights with neutral launch

Straight Bias

This weight distribution positions the mass evenly across the weighting system.

Hybrid weights with draw bias

Draw Bias

This weight distribution positions the mass toward the heel of the club head and has the effect of producing a more draw-biased shot of approximately 3-5 yards.

Optimizing launch conditions

The PXG Precision Weighting System keeps club head mass distributed through a series of weights to increase MOI. Fine-tuning will alter the initial launch conditions allowing the golfer to achieve the best possible results without altering his or her swing.


Club Loft Lie Length (inches) Swing Weight
17 17° 58.0° 40¾ D2
19 19° 58.5° 40¼ D2
22 22° 59.0° 39¾ D2
25 25° 59.5° 39¼ D2
28 28° 60.0° 38¾ D2

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PXG was born out of company founder Bob Parsons’ desire to make the world’s best golf equipment. Incremental innovation was never an option. PXG was built to shatter expectations and change the way golf enthusiasts think about their clubs.

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